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Fantail Darter Care

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Fantail Darter Fantail Darter
Etheostoma fabellarae – to 4"
Neat stripes! Beautiful fish!

Care quick-view:  Accepts live foods.  Accepts frozen foods.  Prefers medium to hard water.  Prefers room temperature water.  These fish have been parasite pre-treated. 

Care Requirements:
Temperature Tolerance Range: 32-80°F
Preferred Temperature Range: 72-76°F Prefers room temperature water.
Water Hardness: Medium to Hard Prefers medium to hard water.
Type of Tank Setup: Freshwater (cold) or Freshwater (tropical) / Species or Community
Food: Live Accepts live foods. or Frozen Accepts frozen foods.
Swimming level: Bottom.
Parasite Pre-Treated?: Yes.These fish have been parasite pre-treated.  These fish have been pre-treated for internal and external parasites by Parasite Guard® by Tetra.
Special Requirements: Fantail Darters need good water circulation / aeration. Also note that these fish feed off the bottom and may feed slowly, so be sure that sufficient food gets to the bottom of the tank. Make sure that there is plenty of rockwork or driftwood as Fantail Darters like to hide.

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