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Tadpole Madtom Care

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Tadpole Madtom Tadpole Madtom
Noturus gyrinus - to 6"
Cute littler cat! Semi-community! Likes vegetation!

Care quick-view:  Accepts live foods.  Accepts frozen foods.  Prefers medium to hard water.  Prefers room temperature water.  These fish have been parasite pre-treated. 

Care Requirements:
Temperature Tolerance Range: 32-80°F
Preferred Temperature Range: 72-76°F Prefers room temperature water.
Water Hardness: Medium to Hard Prefers medium to hard water.
Type of Tank Setup: Freshwater (cold) or Freshwater (tropical) / Species or Semi-community
Food: Live Accepts live foods. or Frozen Accepts frozen foods.
Swimming level: Bottom.
Parasite Pre-Treated?: Yes.These fish have been parasite pre-treated.  These fish have been pre-treated for internal and external parasites by Parasite GuardŽ by Tetra.
Notes: Tadpole Madtoms are OK to keep with other community fish, provided they are not small enough to be eaten. Also, make sure that there is plenty of vegetation as Tadpole Madtoms like to hide.

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