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Central Mudminnow Care

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Central Mudminnow Central Mudminnow
Umbra limi - to 4"
Beautiful torpedo-shaped fish! Likes to lurk!

Care quick-view:  Accepts live foods.  Accepts frozen foods.  Accepts flake foods.  Prefers medium to hard water.  Prefers room temperature water.  These fish have been parasite pre-treated. 

Care Requirements:
Temperature Tolerance Range: 32-80°F
Preferred Temperature Range: 72-76°F Prefers room temperature water.
Water Hardness: Medium to Hard Prefers medium to hard water.
Type of Tank Setup: Freshwater (cold) or Freshwater (tropical) / Species or Community
Food: Flake  Accepts flake foods., Live Accepts live foods., or Frozen Accepts frozen foods..
Swimming level: Midwater to Bottom.
Parasite Pre-Treated?: Yes.These fish have been parasite pre-treated.  These fish have been pre-treated for internal and external parasites by Parasite GuardŽ by Tetra.
Special Requirements: No special requirements. Treat as you would any standard tropical fish.
Notes: These fish like to lurk among vegetation. A good aquarium setup will have lots of vegetation and places for them to hide.

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