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More Info about Largescale Stonerollers

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A Little More Info About Largescale Stonerollers (Campostoma oligolepis.)

On the "More Pictures" page, you will find pics of a neat southeastern Wisconsin fish, the Largescale Stoneroller. Now I know this fish is not too much to look at. This may be dating me, but I am reminded of Tom Wojtech's article in the Milwaukee Aquarium Society (MAS) Splash of many years ago, "Brown is a color!" However, this fish provides a service that can be useful in the aquarium. The stoneroller is an algae eater. They don't clean the leaves of an aquatic plant like an Otocinclus catfish, or attach themselves to the glass of an aquarium like a pleco, but they do scrape rocks, glass and other surfaces of attached algae. And they do quite a good job. In years past, I have had people purchase the fish for scraping algae in floating plant beds of indoor aquaponic systems. The fish do such a good job that all underwater surfaces in the beds are clean of algae and the fishes' diets have to be supplemented with algae wafers! These fish have a great personality, too. They are very community-friendly. I haven't found a fish that they don't get along with! End Glyph

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