The Science of Brian J. Torreano

Born in the funky 1970’s, Brian was into art and the sciences from nearly the very beginning. Forever catching frogs and snakes down at his grandparent’s creek as a child, this interest led to a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in biological sciences later in life. Brian’s artistic interests led to many drawings about animals and nature, and even a high school gift scholarship to the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay’s architecture camp!

In 2001 Brian founded BTDarters, a hobby-company geared toward providing U.S.-native fishes to zoos, aquariums and anyone with an aquarium that had an interest in native fishes. That company still exists today, as evidenced by this site.

BTDarters' Fish

Fueled by his experiences with I.T., graphic design and programming, most recently Brian also started Brian J. Torreano I.T. Consulting. This company provides numerous services to anyone with a computer, or an interest in content produced on a computer. Brian is dedicated to helping others solve their I.T. problems!

I.T. Services