What's In a Logo?

A logo is used to identify a company or organization and should be simple, yet meaningful.  In fact, there are five principles that can be used to guide a logo designer when creating a logo.  Those principles are that the logo should be:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Appropriate
  • Resizable
  • Timeless
BTDarters Logo

How Does Our Logo Accomplish This?

  • Simple - The logo is the silhouette of a single fish.
  • Memorable - You don't see many logos in the shape of an American darter!
  • Appropriate - Our company is BTDarters.  What better logo than a darter?
  • Resizable - Because of the logo's simplicity, it is very easily resizable.
  • Timeless - Darters haven't changed shape for thousands of years.  That's pretty timeless!


It could be said that the "m" in S.M.A.R.T. also stands for "meaningfulness".  Well the fish depicted in our logo couldn't be any more meaningful to us!  It's a High-Color Rainbow Darterâ„¢, our "flagship" fish!  

High-Color Rainbow Darter

The original idea for our logo came when we sent the High-Color Rainbow Darterâ„¢ image to Stamp Couture, in order to make a "darter-shaped" stamp for our stationery. We thought it would be cool to stamp a little darter on our outgoing mail and thank-you cards.

Well, we were right, but when we were trying to come up with a new logo for BTDarters, the image of the little darter kept sticking in our heads. So, we decided to email Stamp Couture and see if they were Ok with us making our new logo look like a stamping made with the stamp they sent us. They had no problem with that and soon we got busy creating our new logo, as seen above. Cool, huh?!?

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