You know…

it really is all about the education.  Back when I was attending university, I learned a quote in my environmental science class.  That quote was:

“People tend to conserve what they know.”

I can’t currently find the author attributed to that quote, but it is so true. How many people do you know that don’t know what a Spotfin Shiner is? How many people do you know that don’t know what a Rainbow Darter is? I know, a lot! How can we expect someone to care about a fish, when they don’t even know that it exists? The answer is, we can’t.

BTDarters is trying to get the word out about native fishes conservation by getting some native fishes into everybody’s aquariums. We are licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and practice responsible fish collecting. We have also bred and are currently breeding as many of these native fishes as our space can afford.

Help us get the word out about native fishes. If you have an aquarium, get some for your tank! If you know someone with an aquarium that could use some native fishes, gift them some native fishes from BTDarters or get them a BTDarters Gift Certificate. We always provide care sheets with every fish purchase and are available – except sometimes Friday nights and Saturdays by email – to answer any native-fish questions you may have!

Thanks so much!

Brian J. Torreano, Owner of BTDarters