A Note From Brian J. Torreano, BTDarters’ Founder & Owner:

I started BTDarters 17 years ago as a company offering U.S.-native fishes for sale on the internet. I built my first website, BTDarters.com, entirely from scratch using technical skills I learned at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.E.P.A.) in the late 1990’s. I did all of BTDarters.com’s layout and formatting, and most of the photography and graphic design for the site myself! I sold a lot of fishes and shipped across the country.  At that time, there were no legal roadblocks to doing that.

As time went on, BTDarters grew, internet technology changed, and the legal framework surrounding shipping native fishes changed as well. That led to what I would call “BTDarters.com v.1.5”. I purchased a professional eight-page website template and transformed it to a site with new features, a new layout, new content, new graphics and new pictures. I kept building web pages for the site and, at the end of its run, it had a total of 120 unique pages!

Fast forward to early 2018. Again, internet technology had changed. People now viewed web pages on their phones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and other devices. These changes meant that BTDarters, the website, had to change as well. The way v.1.5 was built, it would have been virtually, if not literally, impossible to bring the site up to the new standards. This was not a flaw in the construction or coding of the site. It was just that the way people view the internet changed so dramatically that these changes could not possibly have been predicted. Thus, I built BTDarters.com v.2.0. I purchased a copy of CoffeeCup Software’s Responsive Site Designer (RSD) and got busy building the site.

Well, that brings us to now.  I found Responsive Site Designer to be a very inadequate tool for managing a website with many pages. WordPress seems to be the option I was looking for. Pages are easy-to-edit, look great, and one has to edit very little code! Oh, and the program itself is FREE!! What’s not to love??

I would ask that you please check out our fish offerings AND the new products and services we will be offering. And if you want to drop me a line just to chat or ask questions, you can do that, too! Thanks so much for your continued patronage and I hope to talk to you soon!


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Brian J. Torreano – Founder & Owner of BTDarters End Glyph